Remo Ambassador X

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Remo Ambassador X

The Remo Ambassador X (coated) drumhead is the big brother of the Remo Ambassador.

It has the same film (and is also a one-play head and white roughened),

but is 20% thicker than it`s little brother.

This causes more attack and volume. Also the durability and the rebound of the stick are better.

The head is an allrounder, so you can use it in every genre.


Available sizes:

All sizes from 8″ to  16″

Prices (14″): – 16,50€ (Germany)
– 16$ (US)


Remo Ambassador X Review video



Our opinion:

The head gives you a perfect rebound and especially in high tunings it has a great

character and sound.

In comparison to the Ambassador, the Ambassador Xs`coated film lasts longer.

But nevertheless

comparable drumheads by Aquarian and Evans seem to have a little bit better durability.

In our opinion the head is still a very good one and can be used in every genre.

We liked the sound very much, because of it`s great attack and warm tones. Also the sustain

and rebound are top. Only the durability could be a little bit better, because in our test

after half an hour of playing the coated film started to detach. (Better as the old Ambassador, but

still not good enough in comparison to other heads)

4/5 stars.

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