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Vision Ears

Vision Ears

Vision Ears handcrafts custom In-Ears and Ear protection with high-end quality, which is very important for us drummers and especially our ears.

Whether in the studio, during teaching, practicing or just casually listening to music, the In-Ears convince in all areas due to perfect wearing comfort, effective hearing protection and incredibly good sound. These are the best In-Ears we've ever listened to.

No matter which model you choose, the quality of Vision Ears is on the highest level.

Worth mentioning is also the friendly, always attainable and competent service!

We are proud to be part of the Vision Ears family. Thank you!



Soundbrenner is a young company (founded 2014 in Berlin, Germany) and has its Headquarters in Hong Kong. Its Mobile App Development Office is still in Berlin.

Soundbrenner is known for its incredible „Soundbrenner Pulse“, which is a smart vibrating metronome. It sends vibrations into your body, that help you hold the tempo. This replaces the annoying clicking noises from a usual metronome and helps you to practice more effective and motivated.

Soundbrenner also programmed a metronome app, which can be downloaded on the App-Store and the Google Play-Store. It´s called: The Metronome by Soundbrenner.

The Pulse can be controlled via the Metronome App (connected via Bluetooth)

We are absolutely proud to be a part of the Soundbrenner family from now on.

We recommend testing both the app and the pulse!



Crann is a new & small drumstick manufactory from Hungary (founded by George Kovacsics).

The big difference to other drumstick companies is that with Crann everyone can create his own drumsticks (configuration options on their homepage). This designer platform is called Crann For You.

They manufacture only high quality drumsticks and ship worldwide. Find them under: to get more information.

Koenig & Meyer

Koenig & Meyer

Koenig & Meyer was founded in 1949 and is a german company. They offer accessories of all kind for musicians (e.g. microphone and music stands).

Koenig & Meyer products are distributed in 80 countries worldwide. The companies stands for high quality products and so they manufacture all metal and plastic elements themselves.

Visit the company for more information here:!